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Garment Care

Cold Storage

Cold fur storage plays an integral part in prolonging the longevity of your fur coats, shearling coats & cashmere coats. Kriegsman’s cold fur storage provides the proper temperature and humidity to prevent loss of natural oils and deterioration of the pelts. Evaporation of these essential oils slows down when garments are placed into cold storage. The more time in cold storage, the longer your fur, shearling and cashmere will last. Treating your luxury outerwear well enhances its life expectancy and value.

However, DO NOT store your fur in a freezer! As the leather pelt freezes, it contracts, and when it thaws the pelt expands, which causes stress on every seam in the garment, further causing serious damage to your garment.

Professional cold storage helps with:

  • Humidity
    If a coat is kept in an area with low humidity, the natural oils will evaporate quickly causing the garment to become dry and brittle. If the humidity is too high, the pelts can rot quickly or mold.
  • Moths
    Every year we see fur coats and cashmere coats with moth damage from garments improperly monitored in custom cedar closets. The only fix for moth damage is pelt replacement which is an extremely expensive repair. Cashmere coats and fine woolens need to be re-woven. Adding moth balls to home storage is never recommended because the fur and lining absorb the odor and is nearly impossible to remove.

As a rule, it’s time to store your coats and garments when it’s too warm to wear them. In the Carolinas, fur storage season starts in April. Our on-premise vaults give you easy accessibility when the weather suddenly turns cold. Cold fur storage is fast, it’s easy and it’s one of the most important elements of fur, shearling and fine woolen care.

Kriegsman’s has been selected as an Authorized Furcare Specialist by the Fur Information Council of America.

We service many North Carolina cities with local events to help you with your luxury garment’s maintenance. Visit our Events page to find the next event near you.

You won’t regret taking care of your luxury garment.

Additional care

Have your fur cleaned every year to remove airborne particulates, dust, dirt and makeup that collects on the hairs of the fur. Day-to-day accumulation of dust and pollutants can draw the natural oils out of the pelts causing the fur to quickly dry out. As the natural oils dry out, the pelts become tender and brittle which causes rips and tears, making the garment useless.

Don’t worry if you get hairspray, makeup, perfume or food on your fur garment. Professional fur cleaning will quickly and gently remove the dirt and odor leaving the fur fresh and luxurious.

We provide a specialized fur cleaning method to carefully and safely clean and recondition your fur garments. Our trained staff will:

  • Inspect for rips, stains and missing closures
  • Carefully cover buttons to prevent chipping
  • Remove stains from lining if possible
  • Complete a final inspection

Remember, fur cleaning is not the same as dry cleaning. We have on premise materials and equipment specifically designed for the fur cleaning process and our staff has the expertise to provide the best care for your furs.

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We can repair or alter your garment.

Altering and repairing fur coats requires the expertise of our professional on site staff using specialized equipment and skills. Our Master Furrier can adjust sleeve length, move fasteners and shorten the hem which gives you the perfect fit on your fur garments. Our team is trained with the proper methods for cutting and sewing fur for a perfectly finished garment. We also repair and alter shearling, leather, cashmere and fine woolen garments.

Have small rips fixed as soon as possible before they become major problems. Annual inspections can find rips in the fur, loose closures and open seams in the lining. If the lining in your fur is showing signs of wear and tear, you can choose a new lining that will be expertly hand sewn into your fur. Timely attention to repairs will keep your garment in top notch condition.

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Over time, furs that are light in color can oxidize and change. We offer a unique color restoration technique that can lighten and brighten to refresh the dull color.

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