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Always moving forward, exploring new and innovative techniques in different combinations of materials to create the latest fashions and products. Since 1928, Kriegsman’s has been the place to shop for discerning women and men.

The great thing about fashion is that it is always looking forward. Oscar de la Renta

Dominic Bellissimo

Canadian designer Dominic Bellissimo blends his impeccable deigns with incredible lightweight pelts to create magnificent shearling garments. Dominic also has applied his design talents to a collection using exquisite fine fabrics with beautiful colors and a refined style make.

Dino Gaspari

Montreal designer Dino Gaspari adds a dramatic tone to the season with the return of ladylike glamor in luxury fabric designs finished with a touch of fur. Dino Gaspari’s designs feature a tantalizing array of silhouettes with exceptional attention to details.

Stanka Ivanova

Stanka Ivanova, born and educated in Europe, has been Kriegsman’s chief designer since 2003. Her knowledge of fashion and current styles are reflected in all of her creations. An accomplished designer, she creates garments in a wide range of materials, from fur to leather and fine fabrics for women and men. Come in today and let her create something especially for you.